When will the earth end?

Does anyone really know when the earth will end? Judging by mankind's poor past track record in making predictions about future events we can be sure that anyone whom predicts a date for the end of our earth will be wrong? How can anyone predict such a momentous event with any degree of certainty?

In our previous article about earth facts we touched on the thought of who really can make accurate predictions about the future and we noted that there was one whom does have a perfect track record, he being Almighty God the creator of the earth. In that article we also noted that according to him there would be no end to this planet. Planet earth was created to remain forever and he has had it recorded in the bible to let us know. Read that article here.

Some people whom have read the bible or parts of it are aware that it does state that "the end is coming". However, the important thing to consider is what does the bible mean when it talks about the end? Does it mean the end of planet earth? Or could it mean the end of something else like the end of mankind's current rulership? For example consider references to "the end" for the Jewish system by the Romans and also "the end" in Noah's time. 

If we consider the overall theme of the bible we can get a clearer understanding of what the end means. The bible in Genesis explains that mankind decided to misuse their free will that God had given them and go it alone without his direction. They felt they were better off deciding for themselves what was right and what was wrong and did not want to obey God. (God's rulership).

God did not force them to listen to him so he let them go their own way - without his support of course. Not only was this rebellion by the first two humans on the earth but also some living creatures in the spiritual realm. Due to this universal disharmony God set a time limit in which he purposed to bring back peace and harmony. This peace and harmony would be accomplished when God's rulership is once again established and everyone accepts that God sets the standards for what is right and wrong and obeys him willingly. 

For God's universal sovereignty to be established once again that would mean that mankind's current rulership would have to come to an end. Hence, this is what the bible means when it talks about the end. It's the end of mankind's political, self willed state of affairs, not the end of the physical earth.

Some religious people may believe that all good people will go and live in heaven but that would leave us with the question of why the bible says that the earth will remain forever? Also, would this mean that God failed in his original purpose to have the earth populated by obedient humans? (Genesis 2:15)

It should be noted that the old testament (Genesis to Malachi) does not make any reference to humans going to live in heaven. The hope expressed was always for people to live on a paradise earth. The new testament (Matthew to Revelation) does say that a little flock will go to heaven to rule with Jesus Christ as Kings and priests. They of course need someone to rule over and that logically is the majority of humans living on the earth.

When will the end come?

Now we need to address the important question of when exactly will the end come for the current world governments and God's rulership under the hands of Jesus start?

Jesus provided the answer when his disciples asked him this very question. He told them to look out for a composite sign on the world scene. He said (Matthew chapter 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21) there would be false Christs, wars, famines, pestilences, earthquakes, persecution of his followers, increase in lawlessness and the preaching of the good news of the kingdom in all the inhabited earth.

There has never been a complete world wide fulfillment of all these signs at the same time up until in the time we are currently living.

Further, Jesus explains in an illustration the meaning of how to comprehend the meaning of the sign of the end. At Matthew 24:32-35 he says  "Now learn this illustration from the fig tree : Just as soon as its young branch grows tender and sprouts its leaves, you know that summer is near. Likewise also you, when you see all these things, know that he is near at he doors. Truly I say to you that this generation will by no means pass away until all these things happen".

So we see that the sign that Jesus provided was meant to alert his followers and anybody else whom wanted to know that momentous changes would soon take place on earth when the sign was visible. As Jesus mentioned that the sign would only encompass 'a generation' this would mean that the sign would not last for a long time.

It can be logically concluded that the term for 'this generation' means our period of time and that the end can come at any time now.

Ask yourself; for how long in my life have all these signs that Jesus mentioned been present? Ever since I was born or some time after?

If anybody would like a closer approximation for the timing of the end, Jesus says at Matthew 24:36 "Concerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels of the heavens nor the Son, but only the Father".

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