End of the earth is a term which is really a misnomer

As explained in our previous article about when the earth will end we also explained that the term for the earths end really means the end of mankind's rulership through governmental agencies as we currently know them. The earth is here to stay forever.

Millions of people living now as well as those deceased are looking forward to the end of the earth because it will mean a righteous government under the hands of Jesus Christ will take over from mankind's current failed human governments.

Jesus Christ will ensure that all of earths inhabitants work together in peace and harmony as well as caring for the earth too. No longer will mankind be allowed to ruin the earth. See Revelation 11:18.

In our previous article we considered when will the end come in relation to currently fulfilled bible prophecies. Now, in this article we will look at what is next on the horizon - bible prophecies that have not yet been fulfilled but will undergo fulfillment very soon.

According to the bible there will SOON be a world wide declaration of peace and security. At 1 Thessalonians 5:3 the Apostle Paul said that "Whenever they are saying, 'Peace and security!' then sudden destruction is to be instantly on them, just like birth pains on a pregnant woman, and they will by no means escape..."

And if we back up a little and read the verse before verse 3 we notice that the Apostle Paul is talking about the time just before the current world governments are replaced by Gods own government (in the hands of his son Jesus). Notice in that verse 2 he says that this will come out of the blue as a big surprise as when one finds that his house has been burgled. No one knows the timing of when the thief will come - it's a unpleasant surprise that catches out everyone whom has been burgled in the night.

So we can understand from what Paul is saying is that the whole world will be under a false belief that the world has or is very near to achieving world peace and security through human governments and they will not expect what will follow next!

Immediately after the fake peace and security propaganda news reports all religions that are not following Jesus requirements will be destroyed. Read Revelation 18:8 Talks about false religion being completely destroyed because God has organized for this to happen.

It is anticipated that the United Nations is used by God to accomplish this. Revelation 17:16,17.

Then we have the outbreak of what the bible calls the great tribulation. Matthew 24:21. This is a time when the whole world goes into anarchy. Fuel and food supplies as well as everything else breaks down and causes hardships for the earths inhabitants.

Soon afterwards God sends forth his son Jesus and other angels to battle all those whom don't recognize him as earths new king. Rev 16:14. 17:14.

Then those whom have put their trust in God and Jesus come out as survivors from the great tribulation. You can read it at Revelation 7:14-17.

So there we have the future already explained to us by God through the pages of the bible. In summary, anytime now (July 2018) we will see the world proclaiming "peace and security" on the world stage whereby most will be mislead into thinking that the unachievable has been achieved, followed immediately by the destruction of false religions throughout the entire earth, followed immediately by the outbreak of the great tribulation that causes much stress and hardships to earths inhabitants, followed by God's war of Armageddon, followed by a great crowd of millions of survivors whom are rescued by Jesus with the prospect of living forever on earth.

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