Microplastic Pollution and Human Health

It was only a matter of time before health concerns of microplastic pollution would raise questions on the negative impact this was having on human health.

Watch the following short video's to gain more of an understanding how dangerous microplastics are and the need to limit expose to them. Followed by video's that explain how the body needs to be aided by vitamins and minerals found in healthy foods that help excrete these toxins out of the body.

How to protect yourself from microplastics

Here are some video's that explain how to protect yourself from microplastics. At least reduce their impact.

A good articles to read by Dr. Shewmon (Endocrinologist)

“We’re not trying to make you anxious about forever chemicals,” Dr. Shewmon states. “We just want to make you aware that EDCs exist and encourage you to pay more attention to the products you buy and consume.” Read his article entitled 5 Ways Forever Chemicals (PFAS) May Affect Your Health.

Scientists and companies are making breakthroughs in finding solutions.

Some companies have known about the dangers of Forever chemicals and kept it secret from the public 

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