Acheron Valley 115km North East Melbourne Victoria

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Logging in the Acheron Valley, 115Km North East Melbourne. Photo: Friends of the Earth

Logging in the Acheron Valley, 115Km North East Melbourne. Photo: Friends of the Earth

Victoria faces lots of problems with their logging of forests causing loss of wildlife / native animals and damage to the environment. In a recent newspaper article in The Sunday Age on 24 June 2017 it was reported that VicForests is currently logging in the Acheron Valley 115Km North East of Melbourne which is home to Koala Bears and the Greater Glider, a native possum that is facing extinction.

The area between Kinglake to Mount Baw Baw and back to Eildon has been championed as a future possible 335,000 hectare nature reserve called the Great Forest National Park.

The whole article can be read here

This information was highlighted to us by The Wilderness Society. Refer contact details below.

Amelia, The Wilderness Society
Koala Killed By Logging. Who’s Responsible?

Dear Fritz,

Have you seen the shocking new footage of a koala, lying crushed and dead, in forest logged by the Victorian Government in the proposed Great Forest National Park?

This appalling footage shows the brutal—but rarely exposed—reality for thousands of native animals which live in Victoria’s forests.

Can you share this footage on Facebook so that Australians can see the brutal reality of logging in Victoria’s forests?

It’s incredibly embarrassing that—in Australia, in 2017—koalas are killed in logging operations. The best way to stop these tragedies is to protect forests from logging. The proposed Great Forest National Park will provide a sanctuary for wildlife, and protect the magnificent forests right on Melbourne’s doorstep.

Share this footage on Facebook so Premier Andrews knows what the damage looks like and how to stop it.

For almost three years, the Andrews Labor Government has been in office; yet, unsustainable logging has continued. The groundswell of support in Victoria to create the Great Forest National Park is huge.

This State Government delivered a moratorium on coal seam gas and backs renewable energy... but Premier Andrews is dragging the chain on protecting forests and creating the Great Forest National Park.

Enough is enough—share this Facebook video to show your support for protecting vulnerable wildlife.

Yours for nature,

The Wilderness Society Team, Victoria.

P.S. Help support The Wilderness Society to protect our native species and beautiful forests by making a tax-deductible donation today.

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