God's name

God does tell us in the bible that he has a personal name. When he wrote the ten commandments he also verbally told Moses his name, in addition to writing it eight times.

It is in Exodus 20:1-17. In English the ancient Hebrew name is YHWH or JHVH. In Hebrew it is written with four letters יהוה. Known as the Tetragrammaton, read from right to left.

Notice too that in the original Hebrew language no vowels were used, only consonants so today it is not known how to properly pronounce God's name. It seems that over the centuries, the commonly accepted way of pronouncing God's name is Jehovah.

Around the world, different languages have minor variations in the way they write and pronounce God's name as shown below;

Awabakal - Yehóa
Bugotu - Jihova
Cantonese - Yehwowah
Danish - Jehova
Dutch - Jehovah
Efik - Jehovah
English - Jehovah
Fijian - Jiova
Finnish - Jehova
French - Jéhovah
Futuna - Ihova
German - Jehova
Hungarian - Jehova
Igbo - Jehova
Italian - Geova
Japanese - Ehoba
Maori - Ihowa
Motu - Iehova
Mwala-Malu - Jihova
Narrinyeri - Jehovah
Nembe - Jihova
Petats - Jihouva
Polish - Jehowa
Portuguese - Jeová
Romanian - Iehova
Samoan - Ieova
Sotho - Jehova
Spanish - Jehová
Swahili - Yehova
Swedish - Jehova
Tahitian - Iehova
Tagalog - Jehova
Tongan - Jihova
Venda - Yehova
Xhosa - uYehova
Yoruba - Jehofah
Zulu - uJehova

The same is true with God's sons name "Jesus". Some scholars believe his name was pronounced closer to Yeshua or Yehoshua? Once again no one really knows for a certainty but the point is that the written form Jesus is now widely accepted and used world wide.

Meaning of God's name

Jehovah God himself gives people a name which signifies some meaning behind that name. Read more about meaningful names in the Hebrew scriptures here.

So, what can we deduce from God's own personal name? What is it's meaning? It comes from the Hebrew verb ha·wah′ (הוה), meaning “to become,” and actually signifies “He Causes to Become.” As explained to us in the bible, this ties in with what is written, that God is the creator of everything because of his desire to do so. He has also made promises through prophesies which he continues to fulfill.

Is God's name important?

Jesus In prayer to Jehovah, said "Righteous Father, the world has, indeed, not come to know you; but I have come to know you, and these have come to know that you sent me forth. And I have made your name known to them and will make it known, ... John 17:25,26.

Jesus making Jehovah's name known would include more than just making 'his name' known, but predominantly explaining who Jehovah was, his personality, likes, dislikes, what he stood for, his purpose etc.

Notice too that when Jesus taught his followers how to pray (Matthew 6:9-13) the first thing he said was (vs 9) "Our father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified." which once again showed that God's name and what that name stands for is of the utmost importance.

God's name is tied in with his purpose as we see in the next thing that Jesus says (vs 10) "Let your Kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also on earth".

Having focused in on Jesus model pray, you may be wondering; Why does God's name need to be sanctified? And what does it mean for Gods Kingdom to come? Gods will to take place as in heaven, also on earth?

To find out the answers to these questions refer back here to articles which will be placed here soon.

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